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Is Smesxchange a bank or finance house?

Smesxchange is not a bank or a finance house. It is just an opportunity listing portal for SMEs to meet independent investors.

Are SMEs or investors expected to open accounts with Smesxchange?

No. They are not required to open accounts.

How do I ensure my investment is safe on the portal?

Insurable risks in transactions will be insured by our insurers.

Since investors and SMEs have no account with Smesxchange, how are they paid their principal plus shared profit?

Payment will be made by the trustees via account details of beneficiaries.

How much can an investor invest in a transaction?

No limit. Amount is determined by your financial position and risk appetite.

Through what means can I redeem my pledge to invest in a transaction?

Through electronic payment platforms and other payment methods approved by Central bank of Nigeria.

As an SME, how can I access funding on the platform?

Via uploading of your transaction.

Are all uploaded transactions qualified for funding?

No (subject to meeting our transaction requirements)

What type of transactions can I upload on the platform for investors to fund?

Purchase orders / Work orders / Invoice discounting.

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